The Mindy Project: The Other Dr. L Fashion

Finally I have a day off to catch up on The Mindy Project! I  have to admit that last weeks Mindy Project went a little over board with the fashion.  Sometimes when deciding what to wear it’s better to be simple.  But with Mindy’s character the fashion was spot on for her professional work clothing.

First up is Mindy’s green Pajamas

These pajamas are classic Mindy.  I could not find these pajamas online but my advice about pajamas is never spend a lot of money on them.  The best place to buy pajamas is tjmaxx because you get high causality clothing for great prices. 
Mindy’s Anthropology button down 
I think Miindy had better fashion than James Franco in this episode.  Not many people can pull off a long sleeve button down shift under a dress but the way the stylist pared this dress with a belt gives Mindy a great shape.  Her Anthropology  shirt is a great complement to this dress.
Mindy’s Marc Jacobs Skirt
I’m in love with Mindy’s Marc by Marc Jacobs Skirt it adds the perfect element of fun to Mindy’s professional look.  The yellow shirt underneath brings out the yellow in the skirt which makes her outfit stand out.
But by the end of the second episode is if Mindy was going to have short hair all this season.  I thought by the second episode Mindy would said something about her hair.  The reason she cut it was because she went to Haiti but now will she get extensions or will she keep the short cut?

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