3 Fall 2013 Trends You Need in Your Closet

If you google fall 2013 fall report you will get many photos of designer clothing that only people with trust funds can afford.  This post is about what i researched and what I personally think is in fashion.

1. Color-Maroon 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Even though it is my school colors that has nothing to do why it is on my report.  Maroon is the perfect fall color.  It is  a deep red with having some purple tones.  Also its slimming.  The color looks perfect with the fall colors of the fall leaves.

2. Hair-The Sock Bun

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
I have never been able to accomplish the sock bun probably because my hair is extremely thin. But my friends always wear this style and it looks great.  I will tell you my trick behind sock buns.  If you choose you can use a sock to make it but then you have the risk of the sock coming out and showing.  If you search sock bun on amazon you can find a “donut’ i would call it for as little at 26 cents.  Yes it does take many weeks to get here but it is worth the wait. 

3. Shoes- Brown Lace up Boots

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

These are my find of the season.  Two years ago there were these open towed brown lace up boots on Delias it was the worst decision not buying those.  This year i was looking on lulus and found these perfect boots and the best part is they were $31! Granted i had a 15% off coupon still they were a great deal and there comfortable.

My advice for you when ever you read anything about fashion online it to take it as an opinion.  I googled fall fashion trends and pretty much did not like anything because it was written by someone who makes more in a day then I make in a month.  Base what you want to wear this fall about what you like not about what some writer says is the right thing to wear.

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