How Autumn Ombre is Unique All in it’s Own

Ombre has not gone away and I don’t believe it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  Until recently I had the ombre hair style.  I have been dying my hair sense I was in the 6th grade and have never gone to a hair dresser.  I called and got an estimate for dying my hair ombre and it was over a hundred dollars.  I did mine for $9 and it only took 20 minutes rather then two hours.  For hair color I used a L’Oreal hair color.

Photo from

The difference with “Autumn Ombre” is it isn’t as blonde normal ombre.  The color your trying to achieve is more of a caramel.  The Style is perfect for fall because the caramel color blends in to the earthy tones of fall.  The other good thing about this different shade of Ombre is not everyone has it.  A large part of my decision t dye away my ombre is everyone at my school had the style when i came back to school but this darker styled ombre is more complex and higher fashion then the normal ombre.

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