The Most Important Accessory: The SmartPhone

There’s three things that people don’t leave the house without.  There keys, wallet, and cell phone.  Most people don’t consider a cell phone an accessory if anyone.  When you think about it a phone case is an accessory.  I have spent hundred of dollars on cell phone cases and have figured out what protects your phone and what is just for looks.

Wanelo Cell Phone cases

I’m not saying that all cases on wanelo are not protective but most of them are.  Never buy a case based on the reason that you like how it looks unless your the most un clumsy person in the world.  Breaking your phone is possibly the most aggravating way to spend a Sunday on the phone with verizon.  If the case doesn’t have any thing on the front when you drop it your screen is going to crack because there’s nothing in between the floor and your phone.
Speck Cases
Speck cases are a perfect case and your not like me and extremely clumsy.  They keep your phone safe when you drop it on the ground because of the lip of the side of the phone  Also the great thing about speck cases is they come in every color imaginable and I believe you can also customize them and choose both colors on the case.
Lifeproof + Skin it
I love lifeproof cases!  Lots of people say that there horrible and don’t protect your phone but I have had mine for a year and a half and I’m possibly the most clumsy person in the world.  And now Lifeproof is partnered with skin it and you can either pick a design or customize your own by uploading photos.  Even though there cases are on the pricey side there completely worth it.  Because when you think about it a 80 dollar phone case is a lot better than getting a $150 certified pre owned phone. 

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