Halloween 2013 The Good, bad, and Scary

I absolutely love Halloween but i can never seem to have a costume I like.  Last year all I did was paint my face and wear a headband with bunny ears.  This year is my last year of trick-or-treating so I’m motivated to make it the best.  My advice is never buy costumes from the store.  There so cheap they will not last till halloween.  Go to tjmaxx or even better a thrift store.  Your only going to be wearing the clothes for a few hours and you could possibly spend less at a thrift store than buying a cheap costume at target.  Lets start out with the good disney costumes.

Alice in Wonderland:Alice
Alice is a perfect Halloween costume, you will never get the awkward question about who your dressed as.  Also this costume is easy to accomplish.  For the white dress go to your local home goods and get a white cooking apron.  For the blue dress you can get a vintage looking dress shirt and a blue skirt.  The best place to get this clothing is at a thrift store because you can always find vintage clothing.  For the large black bow you can go to your local craft store and get a thick black ribbon.  For the black headband you can get a comparable one at Forever 21 for under 5 dollars.
The Mad Hatter
It surprises me that the mad hatter is such a popular costume for women.  Most people would think that the hardest part of this costume to find would be the hat.  Last year I learned that you can make this hat out of a cardboard box.  After you make the hat you can cover it in black fabric and wrap a scarf around it.  For the coat the best place to go would be a thrift store.  All you really need is a long wool coat.  The last part is the bow scarf.  For this I would buy a few yards of fabric and tie it in a bow.
Now I have to tell you about the bad costumes on halloween.  I’m not going to post any photos of the bad costumes because we all know what they are (slutty nurse).  But who am I to say that you can’t be a slutty nurse. My advice is to at least wait till your not trick-or-treating to bring out the bad costumes.
The Scary
The Modern Scary Skeleton
This costume is the hardest and easiest costume in my post.  For your outfit you can pretty much wear what ever you want.  In my opinion the reason why the costume looks good is because of the irony.  The model is wearing a girly peaceful dress with a live flower crown but her character is dead.  If you decide to do this costume play up your outfit as alive because it will bring out the makeup.  Now comes the hard part THE MAKEUP.  I have  friend that is extremely food at doing skulls.  If your thinking about doing this for halloween start now after you read this go on youtube and watch a Skull Tutorial.
The Vampire Bride

The vampire is possibly the most destroyed halloween costume.  Why I say that is because of twilight.  Hypothetically vampires are hundreds of years old.  In twilight they were modern clothing and just putting on your school clothes and wearing white makeup is not a costume.  For this costume is get a long black dress and build on it.  It will be easy to go to a craft store and give volume to the end of the dress than to actually find a dress like this in the photo.  Now for the makeup, keep it classic.  Use A foundation that is not white but the lightest color.  For the lips you a dark color and defiantly not red like a dark maroon would be perfect.  Then the last step is to use false eyelashes.
The most important part of halloween is not the costume or how much candy you get it is that you have fun.  So just remember to make the best out of your halloween and just think a little that its a thursday and you have to go to work or school the next day.
-xoxo DBC 

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