The Mindy Project Fashion: Music Festival

I knew that boy cut wasn’t going to last long on the Mindy Project.  On this episode of the Mindy Project Mindy and her friends from work go to a music Festival where Mindy sports some red highlights.

In this episode Mindy wears these brown short heeled boots with gold buckles.  The Ralph Lauren boots are not typical Mindy’s fashion.  Remember in the first episode when Mindy refused to wear what Danny thought was good for a first date.  In this episode we see Mindy in a more relaxed fashion.

Photos and

With this outfit Mindy wears a red bebe Jacket.  The thing i love about the fashion on this show is every character dresses differently.  Becky and Mindy alone look like there are going to a different event but when you watch the show it all goes together.

Finally Mindy Finishes this outfit out with firework shorts from urban outfitters.  These shorts are perfect for this outfit because the bright ed jacket brings out the red fireworks in the shorts.  Also the shorts have gold fireworks which match the gold buckles on the boots.


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