Online TJ Maxx

Everyone who knows me knows that TJ Maxx is my favorite place to shop.  The reason is because I can always find something I love under $20.  A few months ago I read an article about them moving there business to online shopping.  Which I thought was a great idea but I wondered how they would get all a comparable store online to their physical stores.  But I was greatly surprised to what the online store turned out to be.  

Tj Maxx is a great place when you need a dress at the last minute and they always have at least one dress for every accession.  After looking through all there dresses most of them where over $50 and those that where under $50 where actually $49.99.
I have to say I love this shirt but not fore $80.  Every time I go to Tj Maxx I have a $20 limit.  If it’s over 20 dollars even if only by one I only get it if I love it.  The reason for that is because I’m either very fickle or the most loyal to my clothing.  Last year I got an 80 dollar sweater at Banana Republic for only 10 dollars that i at least wear every two weeks.  Tj Maxx is suppose to be great clothing at Tj Maxx and if I can get a better deal on a sweater at a store that never has great sales. I don’t believe there living up to their slogan.  
The final thing I have to say about the new online Tj Maxx is that it is a lot like the store.  Sometimes you have to search and search to find something you like.  But when you find what you like you can not be happier.

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