3 Autumn Colors That Will Make You Best Dressed All Season

Most people say that summer is there favorite season but my favorite season is fall.  Fashion changes on a daily basis and trying to keep up is near to impossible. 

1. Cobalt Blue

Photo courtesy of Lookbook.nu

The thing about lace is it lasts all four seasons.  I have always loved blue the thing about blue is it always looks best with a white top.  That’s why everyone wears a white shirt when they get there senior photos done at the beach.

Photo courtesy of Lookbook.nu
The thing about wearing dresses in the fall or winter is wear tights.  When there’s snow on the ground and your walking into school with bare legs it just doesn’t make any sense.  Also you will be freezing all day, trust me take the advice.  

2. Maroon

Photo courtesy of Lookbook.nu
Now to Maroon my favorite fall color.  The reason it’s my favorite is because it matches so well with black.  Some fall days it’s freezing and you just don’t feel like wearing a complicated outfit so you wear all black.  When ever I have one of those days I always wear something with a deep color.  Wearing a bright color takes away from your outfit while wearing a deep color compliments to your outfit.  
Photo courtesy of Lookbook.nu
Yes I understand it’s not summer anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear skirts any more.  Right now i love skater skirts.  There high wasted flare skirts.  But instead of wearing a crop top wear a bright print shirt and tuck it in.  This outfit gives you a great shape.  

3. Emerald

Photo courtesy of Lookbook.nu
I LOVE Emerald and it’s not just because of the Wizard of Oz.  Honestly there was a time I was looking for a emerald prom dress.  The reason I love emerald is because the deep dark green brings out the color of your hair because the color is vibrant. 

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