October Playlist

Everyone has different study habits.  Some people need complete silence while others can only concentrate in a loud room.  Music has always been a way to help to concentrate and focus on the task. So if your cramming for an Ap test or cleaning your room I have the perfect playlist for you.

Rock N Roll- Avril Lavigne

One thing about me and music is I overplay it and will not like the song anymore.  I probably haven’t bought a song from iTunes in two years.  The last song I bought was skinny love which I loved and would play it on repeat for hours.  My advice for music is to just watch it on youtube or Pandora because you get exposed to so many different bands.  I like this song wake me up because it sounds real.  What I mean by that is when you listen to song you can hear the artists voice and hear the story  that is being told.


True Love ft. Lily Allen-P!nk

Roar Katy Perry

To be honest I’m not the biggest Katy Perry fan because i thought her music was a litter stereotypical pop.  But her new song ha more levels than her pervious songs. And my favorite part of the song is 3/4 of the way through when you think it’s going to end but it sings the chorus again.

This song pretty much sums up my reason for making this blog.  I wanted for people to read this blog and be inspired to take chances in fashion and take risks.  So BE Brave and do what you want to do.  I want to see everyone be brave because when you don’t take chances you miss out on what could be.

If you are not currently listening to Of Monsters and Men I advise you to start listening to there station on pandora is is truly amazing.  


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