5 Fall Favorites That Will Make You Froget About Winter Coming

October is almost over and if many of you are in the place I’m in your trying to get everything dine before November 1 and still have fun on halloween.  In this post I’m sharing you my favorite and what I am loving this month.

1. American Flag Scarf

I first saw this Scarf on the vineyard but it wasn’t until my school had a patriotic day and i started searching for patriotic clothing I saw this scarf. This scarf is from Free People.


2. EOS Blue Berry Acai

Winter would not be complete without a great Chapstick.  But why not start protecting your lips early from those harsh winds.  This Chapstick is the best and is not that expensive I got mine for a dollar from drugstore.com

3. POP- Party pop crayon

I got this lip gloss from a Ispy bag a few months ago.  But it wasn’t until this month that I started using it.  I have to say it is the best lip gloss I have ever used.  The colors are great and they last all day.  And I know literally every product says that but this truly does.  I left for school at 7 in the morning and was still showing when I got back from work at 9.


4. Candy Corn M&M’s

Best Halloween candy, I have to say.  I think you can tell I like these.  I usually don’t like white chocolate but the white chocolate used in these “candy Corn” is so good.  

5. Starbursts Candy Corn

Have fun on halloween xoxo-dbc

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