25 Questions Tag: Facts about Me!

What is your middle name?: Lilly
What was favorite subject at school?: Current Events
What is your favorite drink?: Newman’s Own Lemonade 
What is your favorite song at the moment?: Well I’m Currently Listening to Monsters by Eminem but I would say my favorite song is Brave By Sara Barellis 

What is your favorite food?: Mac and cheese in a bread bowl at Panera

What is the last thing you bought?: Argon Oil Shampoo
Favorite book of all time?: The Help
Favorite Colour?: Navy Blue
Do you have any pets?: Yes I have a yellow lab and a Tadpole named Carmel (after the town in California) 
Favorite Perfume?: Daisy By mark Jacobs  
Favorite Holiday?:Thanksgiving. Theres nothing better than seeing all our family and also have great food
Are you married?: Nope
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, only twice

Do you speak any other language?:  I can speak Spanish.  And randomly know how to say dog in 15 languages.  

How many siblings do you have?: Two
What is your favourite shop?: I love lulus, it is an online shop that has the best clothing and accessories. 
Favorite restaurant?: I don’t have one 
When was the last time you cried?: Honestly don’t remember
Favorite Blog?: I like possessionista 

Favorite Movie?: Love actually, The Heat, and anything Adam Sandler in the 90s

Favorite TV show?: PSYCH best show ever.  As sad as it sounds I have seen every episode at least three times 
PC or Mac?: Mac
What phone do you have?: White iPhone 4S
How tall are you?: 5ft 5
Can you cook?: Yes. Especially baked goods

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