15 Fashion Questions Tag

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long :(.  Sadly I lost someone close to me and had to take some time and focus on what was going on in my family.  Here’s 15 questions that will tell you a little bit more about my fashion sense.

1. What is your favourite style to wear?
I will be honest and say my favorite style to wear is not what I tend to always wear.  My go to is anything of my clothing with lace.  But my favorite thing to wear is my black shift dress.
2. Who is your fashion role model?
My fashion role model would have to be Sara Barellis.  The reason being is she shares my same style but also believes that fashion is a way for people to express themselves.
3. What do you always have on?
I always have a hair tie on my right wrist.  I buy the fabric ones from amazon and they are absolutely amazing and a lot less money then the ones at stores
4. What are your favourite jeans?
My favorite jeans would have to be my black bullhead ones
5. What are your favourite sunglasses?
I own two pares of sunglasses.  One are a pare of google glasses that I got for free from m brother and the other ones are a pare I got off pacsun for two dollars.  to answer the question i don’t have a favorite pare of glasses I pretty much just use them for driving.
6. What are your favourite shoes?
Now this is a sad question.  My favorite boot were a pare of riding boots but they sadly got ruined when I tried to glue them because the soles came off.
7. Who influenced you to write about fashion?
What influenced me to write about fashion was myself.  Everyday I heard horrible comments about peoples fashion choices and I couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel about someone having a different opinion.
8 What is your favourite store?
My favorite store would have to be lulus but I can’t possibly afford it making only 8 dollars and hour.  Where i currently get all my clothing is American eagle because of the prices.
9. Who is your favourite fashion person on YouTube?
10. What is your favourite fabric?
My favorite fabric is lace
11. Who is your favourite model?
I really don’t have a favorite model
12. If you had $5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be?
Prada Bag
13. Heels or flats?
It really matters where you are going.  On a normal day I would have to say flats but on a friday night I would say heels.
14. What purse do you currently use?
Purple Longchamp
15. Is fashion in your blood or your jeans?
My mother started making her own clothing when she was 12, so I would have to say my blood.

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