How to Survive Monday

1. Have a Great Weekend
You have to days free from stress and seeing people you would prefer not to see so enjoy it.  Go on a run, see friends, try out a new restaurant, just have fun!  What ever make you happy and can put a smile of your face do it!

2.  Get Ready
Prepare yourself for Monday.  Make a list and check it twice (sorry i know I’m 12 months early).  If you know there’s something you have to get done, do it! If you leave it till Monday it will just stress you out.

3. Don’t say out Till 5Am
The best thing to do on a Sunday night is to get a good nights rest.  If you stay out partying you will just make yourself exhausted and it will put you in a bad mood.  If you have a nice dinner relax and watch a show you will be in a better mood rather than if you stayed out all night doing god knows what.

4. Put a Positive Spin on your Day
You know that at 6 your alarm will start going off and your week will be starting over again.  If you can convince yourself your in a good mood the smile will shortly follow.  So wake up put on your favorite song and sing in the shower.  Don’t wake up with a frown in leave in a bad mood.

5.  It’s all about what you wear
If you walk out wearing yoga pants a sweatshirt and uggs you will feel sluggish.  Sunday night plan out an outfit and stick to it.  I always plan outfits and end up wearing something easy.  Dress to impress it will help your mood because dressing nice will help you feel better about your self and will boost your confidence.

6. EAT
The worst thing you can do is skip meals.  That is because you will end up eating your first meal at 12 with nothing in your stomach.  Eat something quick like Greek yogurt the protein will help you get through your day.

7.Start A Revolution 
If you are feeling good about yourself try to help others boost their mood on a Monday morning.  Buy your office mate a coffee and ask them how there weekend was.  It might lead to a friendship or a coffee in the future.

The biggest thing to remember is don’t think of Monday as this horrible day.  Everyone has them and everyone feels the same but try to make them better.  A few changes in your daily routine will help you have a positive outlook on Mondays and help you have a more positive life.


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