Dresses Every Women Should Have In there Closet!

1. The LBD
“Little Black Dress just walked into the room” and yes I quoted a One Direction song.  The thing about a black dress is it is impossible to look bad in one.  The dark color adds a slimming effect to your body and is the best dress for a party.

2.A Casual Pale Pastel Dress

It is great to have a pale Pastel dress if you ever have to go to an event like a wedding.  These dresses are flattering and can work with any casual event.

3.Your Date Dress
This has to be a dress that you look wonderful in.  You should be able to wear flats or heels with it.  
4.  The perfect interview Dress
For this dress I would advise something in a neutral color.  Something that you can wear in heels.  Also something that would go good with a blazer.  
5. A winter Social Event dress
The sad news is that you can not wear Lilly Pulitzer in the winter.  Fluorescent flowers just do not look that great when there is snow on the ground.  For a winter dress try to find a dress that can be easily matched with any color sweater.
6. The White Dress
A white dress is the perfect dress for a summer party.  It can be dress down with just a pair of wedges or dressed up with adding accessories like a braided belt and jewelry.  
7. Your party dress
The party dress is perfect when you are invited to a party like New years.  For this I say be brave and don’t play it safe.  Try bold colors and patterns!

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