Loving Fashion was Red, How to Wear Red in the Winter

You might find this one a little obvious but even though it’s passed Christmas it is not to late to still pull of red as a statement color.  Red Heels will look perfect at a party when you are wearing a dress or skirt even a pair of blue jeans. 
2. A Clutch
Theres nothing more eye catching that having a statement accessory.  Red is the perfect in the winter because many people do not think red is a good color to wear in the winter. 
3. A Red Bow
If your having one of those mornings where you hit the snooze button one to many times and you need a quick hair style try using a bow.  A red bow gives your hair a nice half up half down look and pulls your hair away from your face.
4. Nails
I see today that more often than not people are staying away from using red nail polish.  Which I completely don’t agree with, my nails are currently red and I love them.  Red is a color that catches everyone eye and that’s why everyone paints there nails. 
A bright red cardigan is the perfect compliment to you little black dress when you get cold in the winter.  
Nothing make a bigger statement then bright red lips. 
7. A Skater Dress

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