Most Fashionable Actresses On Television

I love the Mindy project because her character to extremely relatable and hilarious.  Mindy Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri a doctor living in New York City.  She put together that you would think would never work but they somehow look amazing.  
2.OLIVIA POPE-SCANDAL, Played by Kerry Washington 
I think it is impossible to watch Scandal and not be envious of Olivia’s bravery.  She is strong, powerful, and can take down any powerful politician.  This show always shows her in white showing that her heart is pure which I think is great when shows dress their actors in specific colors because you can show how they are feeling.  
Costume Designer: Lyn Paolo
Aria Montgomery – Pretty Little Liars, Played by Lucy Hale
I do have to admit that Aria is my least favorite on Pretty Little liars her consume designer knows whats going on.  Lucy Hale’s character is a free spirited teenager who loves vintage clothing.Costume Designer: Mandi Line
Zoe Hart – Hart of Dixie, Played by Rachel Bilson
I Am completely envious of Zoe hart and she’s not even a real person.  I absolutely love everything that she wears on her show and I think everyone would agree.  Zoe Hart is a women who got a job in Bluebell after she got fired from her job in New york City.

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