4 Tips on How to Dress When You Meet the Parents

There is nothing more nerve-racking then meeting the parents, personally I like to run and hide.  But with a few steps you will be winning his parents over with your charm.  

1. Don’t Ask Him

Unless your dating Justin Timberlake, your boyfriend probably knows the basic things about fashion to get him through life.  He probably won’t think it’s a big deal what you wear and as long as yourself they will love you.  Just put effort in it and wear your best outfit.

2. Dress Classic 

There are somethings in your closet you should avoid wearing when you meet his parents.  No short skirts or dresses.  The last thing you want to be doing is constantly fidgeting on your dress.  if you decide to wear a dress have to go to the middle of your thigh or longer.  No low cut shirt you have to remember this is their pride and joy they want him dating mother Teresa not Kim Kardashian.  And the most obvious NO FISHNETS. 

3. Show who are Are


The parents want their son to date someone who will make him happy.  Dress your outfit up with accessories that show your fashion sense.  They don’t want to see someone walk through the door wearing a black dress and no color.  

4. Look Natural


No parent wants their child to be dating someone wearing so much makeup you can’t tell what they are feeling.  Wear minimal natural makeup.  Look Presentable you are trying to make a good impression so don’t forget to wash your hair and clean your nails.  Yes they sound like common sense but nerves can be a powerful feeling.  
The best tip is to just relax.  Nerves can get the best of people and cause them to make a bad impression and thats the last thing you can do.  If your boyfriend love you I’m sure his parents will

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