Great Ideas for a Friday Night With Your Friends When Your Totally Broke

Have A Potluck

I love going out to dinner with my friends but when the eighty dollar bill comes it’s not such a happy moment.  A great idea is to have a potluck.  Yes food is not free but you all have to eat.  Cooking at home is a lot cheaper then eating out and you can probably find food in your house to make.  Also you don’t have to worry about being to loud and making other costumers angry because your in your own house or your friends.  

Movie Night

There is not one girl that does not own one chick flick.  Ask your friends if they have any movies and have a movie night at your house.  The best thing about staying home and watching a movie is you don’t have to worry about missing anything because you can always pause it.  If you and your friends do not have any movies there is not even a need to spend $1.20 on a red box.  Stop by the library where you can rent movies for free.  

Have a Game Night

(sorry I just had to do the one with the adorable puppy :))
There is nothing better then having a friendly competition with your friends.  They key word in this sentence being friendly.  Have fun this this night and don’t let it turn into a family game night.  Ask your friends to bring there favorite game and remember to just have fun. 


Yes I understand that this is what every person want to do on their Friday nights but volunteering with friends is really fun.  Last year I volunteered Friday night at the local recreation center and played sports with the younger children in my town and it was really fun.  Also it’s doing something great for your community and your having fun while doing it.

Have a “frock” Swap

I have heard of these and have always wanted to have one..  What a frock swap is you and your friends swap clothing.  Bring your old clothing that you love but just doesn’t fit you anymore.  Or something you bought and it turned out to just not be for you.  This is a great idea because something that doesn’t work of you could completely  be perfect or your friend.  

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