2014 Hair Colors to Take A Risk and Try

Rose Gold

Rose gold became popular in 2012 when Blake Lively showed up to the green lantern movie.  It’s a mix between brown, blonde, and pink.   This is the perfect color for the spring and summer of 2014.
 Radiant Orchid
Pantone said that Radiant Orchid was the color of 2014.  Celebrities like Katy Perry have a ready tried this color.  Will you be the next?
 Ombre has been around for a while and it doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere.  I’ve had my hair like this before and love it. 
Platinum Blonde
 This has been said to be one of the hottest hair styles to try this year.  This hair color is best to just one solid color with no highlights.  
Dark Brown
 This is the perfect hair color for winter.  Nothing looks better than dark brown hair and a knit hat.  
Chestnut Brown with Carmel Highlights
Dark Lilac 
I love this color.  It’s a mix between purple and pink.  It’s darker than the shade that Kelly Osborne tried.  

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