The Dash

Have any of you ever read the poem about how you choose to live your dash?  A dash is referring to the 1946-2014 on a epitaph.  I just wanted to take a little time out to write a little life post about my feelings about living because its been a little while since I’ve shared my thoughts on living.  If that makes any sense.

 Even though this is probably the most over used saying the truth is as far as we know you only live once.  So my advice is don’t spend that time being unhappy.  Be a positive person and don’t let others bring you down.  Recently I have had this problem.  If someone is trying to make you feel bad and uncomfortable just ignore it.  Some people are horrible lets face it the only true monsters in life are humans.  I feel that is someone feels they need to discuss your life then they are just envious of you.  

I have always been the kind of person who says how I feel.  You only have once chance in this life and it’s your job to take hold of that life and control it.  Stand up for yourself and share your feelings and believes.  If you see something that’s not right stand up and voice your opinion.  Another thing I want to share is don’t be the person that sits in the corner and doesn’t join a discussion.  Join in and meet new people, you never know what could happen when you put yourself out there.

My last thing is about what it seems like every high schooler is obsessed with RELATIONSHIPS.  Yes some relationships can be great but most of the time there not.  If you don’t feel that you are the best you can possibly be with that person it’s not worth it.  If they try to make you into something you are not they are not worth it.  You are a wonderful person and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.  People are cruel you just have to find someone who makes you happy and feel safe.

How will you live your dash?  Be happy, stand up, and know that you are amazing.  Live your life they way you want to and don’t let others advise your life.  Don’t Be Common was created on the goal to inspire anyone who found this blog to be and individual.  I don’t want in the future to everyone to be carbon copies of each other.  We are all people but we are all different and that is amazing.  Be yourself because being something you are not will not make you happy.

Xoxo- DBC
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