Happy April Fools Day!

The question of today was where did April fools day originate.  The answer to that question is that its a mystery.  Personally I love April fools it’s a day where you can get away with anything.  It’s also a great day to play a little joke on your friends.  My friend tried to get me by making a fake Facebook pretending to be the only guy to ever break me.  Which is why I must say only play jokes that you know your friends will enjoy and have fun with and not cause any trouble.  It’s not too late to play some last minute pranks here are some ideas.

1. Paint a bar of Soap with nail polish to keep it from lathering 
2. Stock your refrigerator will A scary Frankenstein head
How creepy would it be to come home to this in your fridge.  
3. Make your own “Orange Juice”
This one is so easy all you need is a juice picture and some kraft mac and cheese
4. Carmel Covered Onions or apples?
Who doesn’t like coming home to some sweet fall Carmel apples in April well not so much when they are stinky onions.
5. Fill the hallway with cups of Water
Just don’t try this one at school. 
Have fun xoxo-DBC

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