Hey everyone It’s Cara! I have had a twitter for this blog for a little over a year but pretty much all my posts where linked to my blog.  And I decided at midnight last night to change that up a little bit.  Most of you who have twitters probably follow parody accounts like pajama kid and common girl.  Over my four years in high school I have gone through it all.  Heartbreak, losing friends, and being embarrassed.  With all the parody accounts I was following I realized that they where all the same reposting the same content.  So I started my own.  I hope you cheek it out, enjoy it, and it  makes you laugh.

Here are some tweets:

You’re not an idiot for trusting him and sharing your dreams. He’s the idiot for not seeing your worth.

Today’s Dare
Walk up to a stranger and ask them for a high five

I’m quit depressed that Facebook doesn’t have are relationship status. Mentally dating a celeb that doesn’t know I exist takes a lot of work



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