Top Bathing Suits For Summer 2014

1.O’neill seaside bikini

I have always loved high rise bathing suits but have never been able to pull them off.  This swim suit is great because the top adds a little more then most high rise bikinis do.
Find this swim suit at
(here’s a little tip for everyone, pacsun has a MAJOR swim sale during the summer, I got Bathing Suits for less them twenty each last year)
2. Mallorca Meet-Up One-Piece Swimsuit

Everyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with Modcloth.  There bathing suits are retro but extremely fashionable for today and you will never run into someone with the same swim suit as you at the beach.
Find it at

3.Sunning Sweetie One-Piece Swimsuit

This swim suit is also from mod cloth.  What I like about this is it reminds me of the Great Gatsby.  This swim suit is unique with the neck line.  The biggest thing that I support is being unique and do what is not the norm and you will catch eyes if you walk down the beach in this because no one will be wearing anything like it.
You can find this at


I love this bathing suit.  I have one swim suit that has a top like this and I just love it.  They look great and are not uncomfortable.
Find this at

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