Crazy Superstitions

So I was walking through my room and my compact mirror was on the ground under a blanket and i stepped on it.  Which means now I should have seven years of bad luck.  So this made me think that i should research these superstitions  because we all heard them but where do they come from.  Interesting little fact I learned was in Spain eating grapes at midnight will bring good luck.  Which last night I got home from work at midnight and had some grapes and now I have seven years of bad luck :(.

The history of Acorn Superstitions:

Yes something as simple as a fruit on a oak tree that falls to the ground and animals eat has superstitions.  The acorn was a talisman worn as a pendent because they thought it had magical powers.  During storms people use to hid under oak trees because they believed it was safer but it is actually a very dangerous place to stay during a storm.  In the 1600s acorn juice was given to alcoholics as a cure and prevention.   Today people carry around acorns because there is a belief that it prevents aging.  If two lovers put two acorns in to a bowl with water and each acorn representing themselves and they float to each other then they will marry in the future.

“The Acorn: History Of Superstitions.” The Acorn: History Of Superstitions. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Aug. 2014.

Tuck in you thumbs if you go by a Grave yard

In japan if you walk passed a grave yard you are required to tuck your thumbs into you pocket.  That is because the Japanese word for thumb means parent finger.  And in doing so tucking your thumbs into your pocket protects your parents.
Black Cat Superstition

This is what believe to be the most communally known superstition.  Everyone has heard don’t let a black cat cross your path.  Last week when I was driving a black cat ran in front of the car in front of me and “crossed his path”.  In history black cats where never considered scary, evil, or anything to fear until they started to be connected to witches.  People in Europe believed that witches produced black magic and cats where seen being fed by lonely old ladies that where later accused of witchery.  In the 1560’s a father and son where walking and a black cat crossed their path and went into a crawl space and the father and son began to throw rocks.  The the helpless injured animal ran into a women’s house who was accused of witchery.  The next day the father and son ran into the women and she was bruised and limping and the two men drew conclusions that the women was in fact the cat they have been throwing rocks at.  
“Why Black Cats Are Considered Bad Luck.” Today I Found Out RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Aug. 2014.

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