College Fashion

Many of you are heading off to college or if you’re like me have already started classes and have been doing homework.  I am a freshman and the last thing a freshman wants to be known for is being a freshman.  But think about this seniors we have four years of fun and yours is almost over so don’t take your anger about leaving out on us.  The way I learned to tell the freshman at my school from the other grades was surprising.  Here is what is ways to tell the grades from another…


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Freshman are known in my school to rep the college attire like a pro.  College shirt with matching sweatpants topped off with a hat.  The number one thing not to do is wear your school id around your neck. 


Sophomores here are known to dress up.   Which is funny because I have a way of knowing if this stereo type is true.  One day thing week I was wearing a skirt and got mistaken for a sophomore .


Juniors on the other hand tend to dress more casual.  I have a question are overalls in fashion now? because my campus is covered in overalls and high wasted shorts


Seniors here are known to walk out of bed and go to class in their pajamas

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