4 Ways to Stay Healthy Throughout the Day

Everyone is busy and finding time to work out can become pretty much impossible but being active everyday will lead to a healthier life. Exercising can help relieve stress and put you in a better mood.

1. Give me 20

When you wake up and get out of bed do 20 of something.  Twenty push ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and if you have time go on a 20 minute run.This is a great way to get exercise and eventfully you can gradually build up your exercise.

2. Add some Protein into your Diet

Instead of making foster strudel in the morning make yourself a breakfast with protein like eggs.  Eating a healthy breakfast can help you eat healthier throughout the day because you are not skipping meals.

3. Take the stairs

Skipping the elevator and taking the stairs is an easy way to put a way to burn calories into your day.  Even if your office in on the 10th floor take the stairs using the elevator is just going to add 30 seconds of awkward silence to your day.

4. Eat healthy during lunch

Even if everyone goes out and they all order pizza order a salad.  It will make you feel better because you are not eating greasy foods.

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