My first week in College

Just over a week ago I did the most nerve raking thing I ever had to do.  Pack up my life in boxes move 200 miles away from home and move into a shoe box aka my dorm.  But all the nerve that where building up where soon brought down.  College is a scary moment everyone feels and is afraid of being left behind and alone and end up spending their time in their room alone.  But college is what you make of it from what I can tell from the first week.  The shoe box dorm room was something I was most scared about.  But my shoebox dorm is actually great because it is not a shoe box but the best dorm on are floor.  For any high school seniors reading this making the choice of what college to go to is the most stressful decision you can make at 18 but you just have to go with your gut.  When I was heading out to my admitted students day for the University Of Vermont I was just going to cross it off the list because I had thought I found my dream school the week before.  But when I was in the car driving home I knew that this is where I wanted to be.  When you are finding a college its about the environment.  Which is what Burlington created for me.  The amount of different types of people and personalities is what makes this place great.  And therefor I leave you guys with this common statement but its what you have to live by “Do what makes you happy”.  Don’t do what others think will be better for you.  Making the decision of what college to go to you have to do what will make you happy and make you feel at home.  Because college is your home it’s not some temporary place, if it doesn’t become your home you will constantly want to be somewhere else.

Church Street Burlington VT

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