"Fall Fashion trends"

Personally I think what society thinks of fashion trends are stupid.  If you search fall fashion trends 2014 you get someone wearing a 2,000 dollar feather jacket, that one is way to expensive for anyone my age and ten years ahead of me.  Because personally I think if your spending 2,000 to wear an animal on you is insane because there is so much good that money can go to.  So here in this post are my trends that I find to be affordable and not a waste of money and something that will be easy for everyone to accomplish.  
I think this color is perfect for fall because the color is dark but is not an unhappy color.  Also it is a proven fact that people are found to be more attractive when they are wearing the color red or a shade of red.  Taking the dress in this picture as an example.  For me if I was to wear this is fall I would pare it with a dark pare of tights but not black with a pare of rider boots.  Bring a dark grey sweater.  A cream sweater will look good but will also look a little christmassy so save that for December.  
Long flannel Shirt

There’s something about flannel that I think just about everyone loves.  Depending on how long the flannel shirt is this can be worn with either a pare of jeans or leggings.  When wearing this outfit with jeans my advice would be wear it with a short lace up boots.  When wearing it with leggings wear tall boots that compliment the colors in the shirt.  my advice when buying long flannels is buy a men’s flannel shirt.  It will probably be less then buying a dress flannel.  Also you can always use a belt to show off your shape.  
Black and White
Black and White sometimes has the tendency to look old in boring in my opinion the goal when wearing black and white is to look classy and elegant.  When wearing black and white spice it up a little bit.  Like in this photo the patterned skirt brings out the outfit but using a solid color blouse and jacket does not make the outfit over the top.  I also have to applaud the makeup in this outfit.  It is dramatic but it is done in a way that doesn’t overtake the outfit but compliments it.  
Dark Green Sweaters

This sweater is perfect to put over a dress and even a sundress that has dark elements to the flowers.  Cardigans are one of the important thing to have in your possession during fall.  Because you can carry around a bulky sweatshirt and when you get cold put it on.  but when you’ve spent time picking out an outfit that bulky sweatshirt ruins the work you have put in.  Put a cardigan in your bag or leave it at your office so when those unexacting chilly fall days get you you can be warm and look adorable. 

Stay Comfortable
Most importantly stay comfortable.  If you look at the weather and it says that it is not going to be sunny and 75 degrees please do not wear a mini skirt and a tank top because you will freeze. Untimely it’s all up to you what you wear but you can always take off a cardigan but if you do not have a sweater and your locked outside your dorm waiting for your roommate to let you in you will be wishing that you where wearing a snowsuit.  
All photos found on lookbook.nu

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