Fashion Trends

For me fashion trends either say for years or change every second.  It’s like when your walking down the street and see a cute person while having a significant other.  You want to stay with the same original style because it’s what makes you feel safe in secure but the idea of trying something new gives you excitement.  The great difference between clothing and boys is clothing will not cause you any emotional heart ache unless you rip your favorite jeans that make your butt look great.  
Blue Jean Button Downs
This has to be one of my favorite outfit ideas and I always wish I was badass enough to pull it off for more than a day. My advice with wearing a jean shirt is let the look seem casual but having an edgy aspect to the outfit that is not over powering.  Take this model for example yes not many people would feel like they are put together walking around with a half tuned in shirt but if you wear the right complimenting items with your outfit and walk with the confidence to pull it off you can pretty much pull off any outfit.  My advice is to wear jeans that are colored, my favorite being dark red purplish jeans with short lace up boots.    
One topic that I find doesn’t get brought up in fashion is confidence.  Mostly fashion magazines show you how to look good.  They give you tips on how to wear your hair, how to put on makeup, and how to style your outfits.  One thing that is not brought up often in confidence.  Confidence can bring your outfit from a 6 to a 10.  Say for example your wearing a new dress that your not quite sure you look great in or not.  Tell your self you look great in it.  Take my advice don’t give a Sh*t about what other people think.  Beautiful people walk out everyday and are criticized by fashion magazines.  My final advice is just have fun with fashion and try new things.

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