4 Different Types of Modern Romance

It seems like lately someone being asked out on a date is more unlikely then Cara Delevingne wearing crocks down the runway at New York Fashion Week.  In this article I’m going to talk about the new modern romances populating in  high school and college.  What I’m talking about is hooking up and casual relationships.  Many of you have seen the popular movies “No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits” but the Hollywood of these movies is many times the guy in the girl do not end up together and walk off into the sunset or dance in a flash mob.  Here I’m going to explain what exactly I think about hookups and casual relationships because honestly it can really go either good or bad.  I realize that hooking up can mean anything from finally kissing that person you’ve had a crush on for a while or having sex for the purpose of this article when I refer to hooking up I’m talking about more then a person kissing their crush.

Popular Types of Hookups

1. The Party Hookup

The party hookup doesn’t have to happen at a party, it’s when you meet someone and hookup with them.  I classify this one as you hookup with someone that you have no intention of seeing no more then thirty minutes the next day or any following it.

2. “Fuck Buddy”

I have to say I hate the term Fuck Buddy but I also find it amusing so it’s a love hate relationship.  A “Fuck Buddy” is someone that you know but do not have an emotional attachment to but have casual sex with but have a relationship in-between an acquaintance and a friendship.

3. Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits is a hookup with someone that you are friends with and can have conversations with  and share common interests.  It could be the safest or the most emotionally dangerous becomes if someone becomes more emotionally involved then the other person the hookup is over and more importantly the friendship is over.

4. A Hookup With Feelings

Possibly one of the hardest relationships to have and to be honest I wouldn’t advice getting into one of these relationships.  Because even though it is a hookup it is even more emotionally involved then a official relationship because you will have feels yet have non of the rewards that come from being a girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Bad

First I would like to say if you’re in a bad relationship please get out of it because being unhappy in a relationship is no way to live your life.  I would classify a bad relationship as anything that doesn’t make you happy and makes you feel bad about yourself.  In my life when anything that doesn’t make me happy I leave it alone because I feel that  if something is going to change it will if you break apartbut staying  in the relationship will only make it worse.  Your body is yours and you decide what happens with it so my final advice about bad hookups is get out because it is not a two way relationship with open dialog and that person has a very high chance of not changing.

The Good

Now comes to the good part ;).  To be completely honest casual hookups can be the best thing ever.  If your stressed out and can’t handle the time and commitment of a boyfriend or girlfriend these are perfect because thy can be simple and uncomplicated.  Because we all understand that sometimes you just don’t want a relationship but you don’t exactly want to be alone.

I will leave you with the most important part of this article which is be safe.  Not just physically but emotionally.  My biggest thing is I don’t want to get hurt or involved in something I don’t know how to get out of.  Also I just have to point out the obvious use protection because the last thing you want to do is get pregnant or get and STD with someone you don’t know their last name and where only calling him Peter because he was dressed as Peter Pan at your neighbors Halloween Party.

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