Halloween Costume Ideas

I think Halloween is fucking amazing.  Sorry pardon my french.  But what other day of the year do you have to dress like a completely different person without any judgement?  My advice for everyone on Halloween is be something you wouldn’t ever do and get out of your comfort zone.  Most importantly have fun and be safe.
Black Swan
Even though this movie is a few years old I think this a a great pop culture costume.  Actually it’s what my friend and I are being for Halloween.  If you have a friend one of you can be white swan and the other can be the evil black swan.  This costume is fairly easy to do the only thing I have to say it can be expensive.  I believe my friend bought all the stuff she needed (tutu, corset, feathers, tights, spandex) for 35 and I bought mine exempt in white for 50.  

Amy Winehouse
I never knew deceased celebrity costumes where so popular but this on I like because it is not over done and everyone will know who you are.  This one would be super easy If you ave dark brown hair but you could always wear a wig.  Some leather pants which you could probably get cheap at tj maxx a tank and some fake tattoos.  

I like this costume because I don’t think I’ve ever been trick or treating and ran into an Eagle.  Also the more you put into it the better it looks.  I really like this costume because it will look great in fall and masks always add a bit of mystery to an outfit.  
(sorry all the diy videos where about Mascots)

Burton’s Doll
I think a doll is a perfect Halloween costume for someone for a party.  The thing is I think Halloween should always about having the perfect mix of sexy and scary.  A doll is perfect for that because you look creepy but also gorgeous at the same time.  

Skeleton Body Suit
I love skeletons! It possibly could be that my two older brothers where both skeletons and I never got to be one but I always thought they where the most underrated costume.  Like you get to wear a body suit to show off your body, who wouldn’t want to do that? I know black milk has this exact body suite  but you could also find a cheaper one on amazon. (It’s where I get all my replica black milk leggings)

Fortune Teller
So this one was a little American Horror story Freak Show inspired.  The reason I really like this outfit and can not wait until I’m older and can pull this off while I’m drinking my fine champaign.  For this outfit I would go to thrift stores because you’re bound to find a vintage lace dress and some creepy crystal ball.  

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