Halloween Decorating Ideas

I think when anyone who is planning a Halloween party wishes that they could have the floating pumpkins in the first Harry Potter movie but then again most people wish they could be Harry Potter.  Sadly we are not wizards which makes having floating pumpkins nearly impossible.  When decoration for either a party or just festively decorating your house for Halloween, you can put as much work as you want into it.  In my opinion it doesn’t matter weather you decorate a little or decorate your whole house and your yard it always looks good.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house decorated and thought it looked bad.

DIY Pumpkin and Ghost Balloons
I absolutely love this idea because it’s a great way to save money when decorating.  A pumpkin of ghost balloon at the store could be anywhere from 4-6 dollars but you could get plain orange and white gallons for 10 cents.  Then all you need is a sharpie and do simple pumpkin carving drawings on the balloons.  

Do it Yourself Nightmare Before Christmas Mug

How cool would it be to treat your guest with a Nightmare Before Christmas mug when giving them their evening coffee?  This idea is simple and easy all you need is a sharpie and a mug.  Also you can use this item as a decoration until Christmas because who really knows if the Nightmare before Christmas movie is a Christmas or halloween movie.

Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin carving is always been the classic decoration for porches for Halloween.  Pumpkin carving is also a fun activity to do with friends during the fall.  

DIY Door Decorating
I love when people have their doors decorated during Halloween.   I also really like this idea because there is so much you can do with this idea.  You could create a monster, skeleton, or even a mummy. 

DIY Banner
This is a great easy way to add some Halloween decoration to your room. You can have balloons in your banner but after a little bit the balloons will deflate so I advise cutting out pumpkins in paper and then decorating them.  

I love this idea.  My idea to replicate this is get cheap Halloween skulls at Wall mart and then spray paint them how you wish.  The thing I like about his sea is it looks cool that all the skulls are different sizes so you don’t have to worry about getting identical skulls. 
DIY Crayon Pumpkin
This is the new idea to the canvas crayon drip art.  With this you do the same exact idea where you use a glue gun and glue crayons and use a blow dryer to make them melt.  With this idea you could also paint the pumpkin white or any color to give the colors a more dramatic look yet still look a pumpkin.  (Most grocery stores also sell white pumpkins.)

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