"Writers Block"

For some reason I have no idea what to say.  Sunday is my day where I map out my week and write the post that will be published during the week. It’s odd that I can’t think of anything to say because I pretty much always have something to talk to about fashion.  Whether it be what I want to achieve with my fashion or a new trend I want to show to introduce to everyone.  But I’ve been on my computer for about two hours and have come up with a couple of post them I have no idea how to end or even really how to start.  And this is why I don’t like dating because it fucks with your head and makes you unable to concentrate but, with me it’s pretty easy to get distracted.  So I would like to warn you all that read my post they might be a little odd and random and I might rant a little so enjoy and if not tell me I would love to hear your feed back.

Throw back sunday??

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