Stunning Party Dresses For the Fall And Winter Season

Before I start this article I would like to say that there where four or five previous topics for today’s post so the writers block had defiantly continued.  When people are asked about their favorite parts about holidays this time of the year many people would expect and 18 year old girl obsessed with fashion with a little of an online shopping addiction to say getting gifts.  To be honest I hate getting gifts, I know my parents do not understand either.  My favorite part of the fall/ winter holidays is celebrating with friends and family.  Here in this post I’m going to share a couple of dresses that will be perfect for you friends, family, or works holiday party.

News Years

After making this post I realized it not even past Halloween and who would even think about buying these dresses.  But buying dresses early is the smartest thing to do if you want to get the exact dress you want in your size.  The Last thing you want to do is fall in love with a dress and realize that the only sizes are either way too small or way too big.

This would be the perfect dress for you to wear at an office holiday party.  It is very professional but also will show off the best aspects of your body.   

The Host

I love this dress.  The bottom of the dress and also the shoulders  are a scallop ending. This dress is perfect if you are hosting an event this season because of the color.  This color is regal and not a common color for people to wear during this time of year.  
Baby doll Dress
I love this dress.  This dress is perfect to wear if you are attending a semi fancy Christmas party.  The top of the dress is embroidered and has a glittery sparkly  pattern.
The New York City Thanksgiving
This dress just reminded me of a dress that Serena would wear on Gossip Girl so I just had to put it in this post.
All of these dresses can be found on

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