My 101th Post

First I would like to say I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this year.  

I am very sad that I missed my 100th post it said 99 then quickly changed to 100 so here it is the 101th post of Don’t Be Common Fashion.  To think I started this whole thing when I was a lonely sophomore laying in bed when I was “sick” from school that it has come to something that I’ve continued to do for the past two years.  I’ve always love fashion, like what other five year old wears a eyelet dress to their 5th birthday when I believe that day there was an intense game of hid and seek in the woods behind my house.  
I started this blog to help girls feel confident in what they where and helping people pick outfits. From what to wear to prom to what to wear on a Tuesday to school I am here for you girls.  Fashion can be complicated because some people are mixed with what they think is fashionable and what the opinion is between their friends.  Which is where the term “Basic Bitch” comes from.  Which I have sooooo been wanting to write a post about it.  I went to a high school where “Basic Bitch” would classify about 75% of my school.  Not that dressing that way in any way is bad, I myself own a north face rain jacket and Hunter Boots but never will  I ever wear vineyard vines.  And If anyone sees me wearing vineyard Vines you have the permission to steal it and burn it.  
I want to concluded this post with the original Don’t Be Common quote. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  Fashion is all about self expression.  Make it what ever you want it to be, because if someone is going to judge you on wearing two different color socks its probably not the only thing they judge about people.  Fashion is yours and don’t let anyone take it away the feeling on looking amazing in an outfit.

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