Love and the Internet

Every day I read many articles about fashion/makeup/ and love.  Fashion and makeup I have pretty well covered and can help someone in those situations but love is something I have very little experience with because when someone tells me their relationship problems my advice is pretty much always to let them go.  The reason being if you’re not happy whats the point of staying in the relationship and if they really love you they need that time away to figure out what they want.  But every article or just about every article I find online I find hilarious because it will not help you in real life. Here some on the craziest ones I’ve seen.  

20 Tips To Make Him Fall in Love with You
Fist I’m going to ask you would you want to make a guy fall in love with you?  In my opinion love and relationships are never something that should be forced because you wouldn’t want to be with someone who just thinks he wants to be with you.  You want someone who knows he wants to be with you and wants a future.  
15 Flirting Rules to make a Guy like You 
If a guy likes you he will like you if your horrible at it or amazing.  Think about it if you like someone for their personality and humor would you care if they sucked at flirting?  Flirting doesn’t last that long once you have him theres no need to continue flirting because you’re getting into the serious parts of the relationship where you actually learn who the person is inside and out.  
15 Tips to get a guy to Text You Back
If a guy doesn’t text you back it’s really no big deal.  Don’t sit in your bed watching sad romantic movies all day clutching your phone waiting for him to say “hi”.  Get out of bed and do something you never know you could run into him and he can see that him not texting you back meant nothing to you.  
Love can be something amazing that lasts for a while but It can also be something that breaks you down and makes you wish you never kissed them in the first place.  When every relationship ends you ask yourself if it was worth it.  Sometimes all the work and pain won’t be equal to the happiness and the love.  At my age putting myself out there for another person was the riskiest and scariest thing for me.  My advice is act yourself in the beginning if it will be worth it, if the pain is worth the potential happiness.  

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