Braids to Wear this Holiday season

Don’t Be Common Fashion is Back!

Braided Bangs
Random 2000s trivia Lauren Conrad made this look famous when her bangs where cut too short and she started braiding them to keep them in place.  This braid is perfect for it you are wearing your hair down or in a ponytail and want to add a little style to your hair.  
Waterfall Braid
I love this braid! It is very complicated and takes a few times to get the pattern down but once you get it you will never forget it!
Braid Bun
Running late for your party? A bun braid is perfects because they take less than five minutes and look like they took hours and ounces or hair spray.  Just don’t forget bobby pins.
Elsa Braid
Even though I’m not a giant frozen fan this braid is gorgeous and I wish I not only could do this braid but had the gorgeous hair to pull off this braid.  
Happy Holidays!!
xoxo Cara

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