Shows to Binge Watch During Christmas Break

Christmas break in my opinion is about relaxing.  Sense I started working I would spend the days of my break working and most breaks working late on Christmas break.  Working is important but don’t forget to relax and spend some time for yourself and relax, drink some coco, and watch some tv.
1. Gilmore Girls

This show is about the relationship between a mother and daughter.  The show is about a teenage mother who is now raising a sixteen year old daughter with dealing with her own relationships with her parents and her daughters love life.  

2. Arrow

Warning give yourself time to watch this show because you will not want to leave your couch until you finish.  There are two seasons on netflix, the show is about fictional character Oliver Queen who returns from being on an island after a ship wreck then comes back to protect his town from people who his father believe failed the city.  

3. American Horror Story

To be honest Im not a giant American Horror Story Fan but I do find it a very entertaining idea.  The show now has four season three being on netflix and each season features a different scary story.

4.  Hart Of Dixie

My favorite part of Hart of Dixie is how much you change feeling about the characters when you watch it.  First I hated Jamie King’s character Lemon but now she’s one of my favorite.  This show doesn’t just have a love triangle its more like an awkward pentagon between the main characters.  If anyone reading this watches hart of Dixie heres who I think everyone should end up with.  Lemon and Wade, Levon and Zoe, and George and Annabeth.  

5. Bones

If you plan on watching Bones I would stop when Bones says she’s pregnant.  This show was great when they where focused on the murders and not the relationship between Bones and Booth.  The older season and are great especially if you are recovering from getting your wisdom teeth out and need to keep your mind occupied from the pain.  

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