New Years Resolutions

Every year people make resolutions for the new year like start going to a gym or quit drinking.  By this time many people have already cheated on their resolutions which is why I’m making this post after New Years and not because I’ve been binge watching Friends sense it was put on Netflix New Years day.  This post is about New Years resolutions that are not so common and are important to follow.

Cut the Negativity
The easy access to social media has caused buzz in the media from negative comments about people. What does saying something negative about another person do to you?  If something is on social media it is for the whole world to see, be nice,

Leave The Country
Traveling is a great way to discover new things about the world and also yourself.  If you are low on money you can look into charity work because some programs will sponsor you.

Skip the Gym When You Need to
Taking a day break from the gym won’t kill you, so don’t make yourself feel bad about it.  Everyone needs a break but make sure not to skip the gym when you have plenty of time to go.  Working out should be a positive activity, have fun with it!

Make up
This does not mean show up at your ex house with chocolates and a bottle of wine.  Having bad blood with an ex is not healthy.  Moving on from a relationship is hard but taking the steps to leaving it on good terms will help you let go and move on to something that could possibly be great.

Rid yourself of the toxic relationships in your life.  Take the time to find out if their input into your life is positive and decide if you still want those people in your life

Say “Hi”
For some reason every girl seems to think that the guy has to make the first move.  You can’t start a new relationship without an introduction.

Conquer A Fear
I was always afraid of those little black house spiders then I saw a giant spider that was about 50 times the size.  This year take on a fear.  Swim with sharks, write your number on the bill for your waiter.

Turn Off Your Phone
There is nothing more annoying when you are trying to talk to someone and they can’t keep their eyes off their phone.  Especially when you are at dinner with someone.

Try A New Fashion Trend
Yes it could completely go down in flames and that trend could turn into a fad but you could also be the one to start the trend of the year.

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