My Friday Night Beaty Routine

I first got this in a ipsy bag and never used it until this vacation.  Ipsy is great if you are someone like me and know minimal about makeup.  I don’t know what primer does exactly but it makes my face look flawless as marketed.  
I’ve been using this product sense I watched a Bethany Moda youtube video about goo foundations.  My skin tend to be more on the oily side.  Yes this makeup doesn’t completely block the oil it does do a good job at concealing it.  
Most bronzers add too much to the skin and make you look like you had a bad spry tan but this one makes your skin look even and adds to the affect of your face.
Brown Smoky Eye
This is a great mascara.  There are rareley lumps and it lasts a while.  Don’t forget to use a eye lash curler along with mascara.  I use my ELF curler that I bought for a dollar and it still works three years later, no need to spend a pretty penny on a curler.  

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