The College Beauty Routine

Today I woke up for classes at 9 and when I looked to see what time it was when I was done it was 9:10.  I don’t know if this is impressive or sad.  In this post I’m going to share one of my beauty routines and tomorrow I will share another one.  My lazy one I only want to have to get up max 30 minutes before my class starts and my beauty routine when I’m going out.

Lazy Days
I first got this in a ipsy bag and never used it until this vacation.  Ipsy is great if you are someone like me and know minimal about makeup.  I don’t know what primer does exactly but it makes my face look flawless as marketed.  
I’ve been using this product sense I watched a Bethany Moda youtube video about goo foundations.  My skin tend to be more on the oily side.  Yes this makeup doesn’t completely block the oil it does do a good job at concealing it.  
I love this product.  It lasts for longer then any chapstick I’ve used and also adds a good amount of color.  It is not overpowering that looks like you are wearing too deep of a color for the day.
(Dove Dry Shampoo)
Dry shampoo is a good way to make unwashed hair look more clean and fresh.  A large problem with many dry shampoos is that sometimes that leave a white residue on the hair which makes it look grey.      I have had little problems with having white hair from using this product. 
(Twist Bun)
Thank god for ballerina or else who knows if this hair style would be popular.  My favorite part is having thin hair makes this so easy and sometimes you don’t even need to have a hair tie.  

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