Don’t Go to the Kardashians For Makeup Tips

I admit to not knowing much of anything about makeup.  I have no idea how to use eyeliner, when m hair dresser says not t pull through hair dye I nod and pretend to know what she’s saying, and it took me two years to start using the right color of foundation.  I may not know much but I do know what looks good and can follow a youtube tutorial.  The best makeup in my opinion is what looks natural. Yes we all know that pretty much every women is wearing makeup but there’s wearing makeup to enhance your looks and then there’s wearing it to cover up.


We are all humans and if you’re not you’re probably in some lab  being tested on (sorry secretly a sic fi nerd) we all have flaws.  We all have blemishes and unequal skin and black dots on are nose.  Don’t try to deny it.  We are not Barbie dolls and are always perfect.  And we should be glad we are not, when a barbie is bought it is at it’s prime, the condition only gets worse.  We have the time to make the improvements on ourselves.   
Show those freckles! Don’t hide mother nature.  


There has been a large controversy over the new size on Kylie Jenner’s larger lips.  I do not think that she got plastic surgery, yes she is a Kardashian but she is also 17 years old.  Even for them I find that a little extreme.  In the four pictures below the ones that look the best are the first two because they look more natural.  In the first one you could probably convince the cute waiter that your not wearing any makeup.  But the last one has her looking like a brats doll.  
In my opinion when picking out a shade to wear is think about where you are going and what time of day it is.  Going to an early breakfast probably a little odd to be sporting bold red lips.  Save the red lips for when it gets dark.  Use the light shades for the day. 

For me eyes is a little hard for me to explain.  I think sometimes when someone does a drastic look wearing multiple colors that you would of never thought would look together but they look amazing.  The sometimes people do their eyes and they look like they should be in a sci fi movie playing the bride of the alien.

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