Outfit Ideas For the Week

I have to admit I have been cheating on my be different and don’t wear leggings every day.  But it’s cold, I’m tired, and leggings are very comfortable.  Here are some outfit ideas to hopefully let the leggings stay in the draw this week.  


I don’t know about you but where  I live is freezing which makes it hard to find a cute outfit to go out in.  This outfit is cute and also warm.  Get some thick knit tights match with a flannel dress and your outfit is instantly warmer.  (And flannel is adorable)  I would pare this with a moto jacket but not leather, I would wear a suede jacket.  Then finish the outfit off with some black ankle boots.    


Today is the last day of your long weekend and for some of you it is the last day of your break before you start classes.  


Weather you are a teenager going to school today or heading back to work today you are going to be tired,  that three day break just wasn’t enough of a vacation but you can’t wear sweats and call it a day.  For being comfy but still looking like you put work into your outfit I advise matching a cute sweater with some jeggings.  


Many of you who just got back to school underestimated the weather (like me).  Today you will bundle up, learn all over how to layer and not forget a hat even if you think you don’t need it (you will trust me).  


Do you have late classes and don’t have time to change before going out? If so this outfit it perfect .  Its not too dressed up for school and the boots are perfect for a night out.  


Skater skirts and heels should always go together flats just don’t do them justice.  This outfit is perfect for a night out or just to look cute on a Friday.  


The cute guy in your English class asked you if you want to go to dinner in the new restaurant downtown and you’re struggling to find a cute outfit to wear.  There’s nothing wrong with dressing up on a first date .  For this outfit I would wear a cute dress that was not short sleeve and wear a coat that does not say north face.  

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