5 Places to Get a Tattoo that your Boss Can’t See

1. Hip

Photo courtesy of tattooideas247.com

Unless you are a life guard your hip will always be covered up at work.  The only people that will know that you have a tattoo there are the ones you tell or the ones that you want to see the tattoo.

2.  Back of your Neck

This is great if you can wear your hair down at work.  The only bad thing is you will never be able to rock a pixie cut or a top knot but its only 8 hours a day that you have to cover it up.

3.  Upper Arm

Possibly the best place to get a tattoo because it is so easily covered up by a t- shirt and chances are you won’t be rocking bare shoulders at work.

4. Foot

This is a great place to get a tattoo especially if you work in the health profession because it will be easily covered up with wearing socks and sneakers.

5.  Thigh

Even if you work in a job that requires you to be outside in the hot summer months chances are you wouldn’t be wearing shorts so short that your whole thigh will be exposed.

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