Man Crush Monday: Nat Wolff

When I was about 12 years old Nat Wolff and his brother starred on a Nickelodeon show about two famous brother musicians.  I never thought that I would be writing about how I think that Nat Wolff is one of my favorite actors.  When I watched stuck in love on Netflix I believe I ended up watching it three time that weekend. Also I would like to say that if friends ever had a reunion season and needed someone to play a young Ross wouldn’t Nat be perfect?

I was going to write a little bio on Nat but you can get that by just reading a little on Wiki.  Here are some interesting facts on Nat.
1. His dating deal breaker is dating someone who doesn’t laugh.  
2. He’s been playing music sense he was four.
3.  His life wouldn’t be complete without be complete without in and out Burger. 

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