My Bucket List

It’s been a while sense I’ve made a post that was about myself.  I’ve always found this bucket list posts interesting because everyone has something different on theirs that shows a little about themselves and what is important to them. The show Friends gave me the idea to complete my before 30 bucket list.  Here we go!

Take my Dad to the Superbowl
1. Conquer my Fear of Sharks
2. Learn to Surf
3. Send a Message in a Bottle with my Phone Number on it
4. Step out in thigh-high boots and a miniskirt at least once
5. Attend a Fashion Show
6. Visit A Castle in Irland with my Mother
7. Get a French Bulldog
8. Go to Disney World
9. Have an Internship with Seventeen Magazine
10. Learn Archery
11. Go Paddle Boarding
12 Ride An Elephant in Thailand
13. Design A Dress and Make it
14. Buy A House 
15. Cross Country Road Trip

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