A-Z Of Fashion Trends Of 2015


Ankle boots are great because they are a easy way to add height that isn’t overwhelming like wearing ski high heels


Not only is black eye catching it also is slimming.  Black coats especially because coats tend to be big and bulky but trying a black shade is a good way to look slim in that winter bulky coat.


Sometimes when adding a neon or pastel accessory to an outfit it can take away from the outfit itself.  Coral is a way to add a bold color with still complimenting an outfit without taking it over.  


From adding some bling to your jean shirt to painting a bookcase for your dorm room express your Artsy side.  


These are the little things you stick in your pocket or the small zippered place in your purse.  There when you need a quick fix to help you get through the day.  


Flannels are a great way to keep warm in the winter.  They are a great layer to wear under a winter jacket.  They are also a great and comfy shirt to sleep in.  


Black and white stripes can be a little overwhelming and give an unflattering look.  Grey is a great way to get the stripped look with out the overpowering black and white prison stripes.  


Hats are a great way to add a little more fashion to an outfit.  They are also extremely warm and great when its a cold windy day.  


A great youtuber if you are in need of some tutorials.  She does hair, makeup, and a little diy.  The tutorials are easy to follow and very helpful.  


A very underrated piece of everyones wardrobe.  It seem like leggings have over took jeans in many peoples outfits.   Jeans are great to wear with short boots.  


Not only does Olivia Pope have great fashion but also does Kerry.  Every event she goes to she is perfectly dress for where she is going.  Also Kerry knows how to use colors that compliment her.


Oh leather how I wish I could afford you and that you didn’t come from an animal.  Leather is a classic piece to your wardrobe.  The same leather jacket you wore today can be worn 20 years from now.  


Braids are classic they are also another way to keep your healthy.  When you style your hair or even put it up in a pony tail it can damage your hair.  Keeping it in a braid keeps your hair together helps prevent split ends.


Today there are many ways to fake nail art.  There are stickers and nail pens that make it easy to write and draw on your nails.  


Opal rings are becoming very popular they sometimes are also very inexpensive. 


This color is my favorite drastic color to change your hair because it doesn’t look extremely crazy like having green hair.  


Sometimes going over the top with an outfit is not the best thing you can do.  With fashion less is always more.  Looking effortless is better then looking like you spent hours getting ready it also does not take hours to get ready.  


Red lips will always be a way to class up any outfit.  It is also great for when you are going out and want to draw attention to your face.  


Sneakers are a great way to give your feel a break from heels and relax for a day.


They cause a lot of pain but they are the only thing that will last forever.  Even earring holes have the possibility to close up.


The best thing to put on your skin before you go outside.  No one wants to look like a raisin when the are 60 or have wrinkles before anyone else.  


Head to your local thrift store this year when sweater weather happens.  You might luck out and find some great deals.  


White beading on a black or dark purse can add a earthy vibe to your outfit.  


No you don’t have to dress like a high fashion super model but having confidence in your style can make it extraordinary.


Yellow use to be a color to avoid and only your fashion illiterate sub in your math class would wear.  But yellow is making a comeback.


In your closet avoid Zebra but in your house a little zebra chair adds a little uniqueness to your living space.  

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