We’ve only Been Going out for this Long…. Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Less then Three Months
At this point you could probably get away with not getting your boyfriend a gift.  But do you want to open up the door and see him with a dozen roses and a box of your favorite chocolates? At this point it is all about getting to know each other.  Get him a gift that shows your paying attention to what he likes.  Like a season of his favorite show, band, or book.  Also you could think about getting him a cute shirt and tie.

Six Months
After six months you have gotten use to each other.  You know what he likes and doesn’t like an have little jokes just between the two of you.  This is a perfect time to give him a quirky dorky gift that he will love.  You can make him a coupon book or write him a personal card.  If he has any hobbies like golfing or football you can pay for a couple tee times or make him some nice halftime football food.

Nine Months
Now is the time the presents get more pricey then anything you have previously.  Guys that are into sports would like jerseys with their favorite player with tickets to their next game.  Sometimes though you don’t have the money to spend on extravagant gifts.  Try making him his favorite dinner and watch his favorite movie at home.

One Year
At this point you and your significant other have probably already exchanged I love you.  Valentines day is on a weekend this year so why not take off on Friday with your love and not come home till Monday.  This is a great time to spend time away from everything and really enjoy time with each other.

Over Two years
At this point you have already don’t the valentines day thing more then once.  Spend time making him a cute Diy idea that shows him how much you mean to him.

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