Profile:Cara Delevingne

 Who is Cara Delevingne?

 Cara is a english model, actress, and singer known as the style rebel.  She first appeared in Vogue Italia when she was 10.  She was spotted by the same person who spotted Kate Moss.  For a model Cara is shorter for most only being 5’7″.  Her older sister Poppy is a socialite and model. In her family her nickname is “Monster”.  Interesting fact Cara still lives with her parents

.  ” I wanted to be a Disney Channel star! I wanted to be Hannah Montana.”

 “I love a vintage look that’s also a bit rock n’ roll.”

“What bothers me, I guess, is when I get these messages from girls on Twitter, and they’re like, ‘God, you’re my idol, I really admire you.’ It’s like, ‘Admire me for what? What have I done?’ It’s not that being in a Burberry campaign, or walking in a Chanel show is nothing. It’s just… I know I can do more.”

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