Why I Hate Valentines Day

I feel like everyone has the same opinion on holidays.  No one hates Christmas or Thanksgiving and I’ve never heard someone say “Oh I just can’t stand St. Patricks Day” because who doesn’t like corn beef and beer?  Valentines day has never been a holiday I particularly liked even in grade school.  Yes getting heart shaped lollypops and hershey kisses wasn’t something I’ll complain about but as I grew older Valentines day seemed to become about more about what you got and what football player you where spending it with rather than the love two people shared.

Last week was a little busy and a little getting my heart stomped on with doc martins so I was not really into posting.  It is Valentines week and you are either love it or hate it and I’m going to try to cater to everyones needs.  I’ll try to make up for my laying in bed binge watching Nashville eating chocolate week last week by making multiple posts a day.

xoxo Cara

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